Best Gifts for a Girlfriend, 10 Awesome Gifts Ideas for Her

Best Gifts for Girlfriend

Girlfriends and gifts go together isn’t it? Yes absolutely! Gift is a beautiful part in a relationship to show your care and love to someone, It’s the way to convey a message. But… sometimes these messages can cost you a big amount especially when you are already busy paying your bills 😉
But don’t worry I am writing this post just for all you cute lovers who are ready to walk an extra mile for your girlfriends.
Here are the best gifts for your girlfriend under Rs. 500, and I promise by these awesome gift ideas she will be amazed. Let’s check out – 

1. Add up a little light with fragrance of love!

Candles with beautiful fragrance is a perfect gift for an amazing night or a romantic candle light dinner. It will add that extra charm to your night and that is the reason they love all cute things in the world.

Candles - Best Gifts for Girlfriend


Here’s the link:
Tvish Candles Decorative Ball Candle
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2. When it’s time to say “Marry me”!

Sooner or later hopefully you are going to propose her, yes hopefully. 😉 Whenever the time comes, when you feel deep inside that it’s time to call her yours, forever, never go without a ring! It’s a universal law. The rose plated copper 18k rose gold butterfly ring will make her fall in love with you again.

Ring - Best Gifts for Girlfriend

Here’s the link:
Blinglane Fly High Butterfly Rose Plated Copper 18K Rose Gold Ring
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3. That little black dress!

Every girl wants to have that little black dress and every guy would love to see her in that little black dress. It’s not just an analogy trust me 😉 If you are still unsure just check out the dress! Here’s your chance to gift her a gorgeous black dress with an unbelievable price.

Black Dress - Best Gifts for Girlfriend

Here’s the link:

Merch21 Women’s Layered Black Dress
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4. One for your reader Girlfriend!

If your girlfriend is a reader then this is the perfect gift you could ever buy for her. Walking Disaster is a beautiful love story of two totally different people by Jamie McGuire! Just put a note on a last page that – you will love her more than Travis Maddox and she will be overwhelmed with joy.

Walking Disaster Book - Best Gifts for Girlfriend

Here’s the link:

Walking Disaster (Beautiful Series)
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5. Elegance at its best!

Always remember while buying a gift for your girlfriend. Your girl will be surprised if you could gift her something elegant. Generally they don’t expect these things from you, since it’s out of your league, but yeah you could always try by buying this elegant peach coloured long maxi dress. 😉

Peach Maxi Dress - Best Gifts for Girlfriend

Here’s the link:

XnY Women’s Maxi Peach Dress
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6. Making her feel beautiful is a hard part!

Yes, all knows making a girl feel beautiful is a hard part, since you both can’t be on a same page regarding her beauty! When you call her beautiful, she won’t believe, when you don’t, she will make you say it 😉 Happens! But here’s the thing you can gift and she wouldn’t be able deny it, because girls love mirror, and you can’t go wrong with a beautiful mirror for your beautiful girl.


Here’s the link:

JaipurCrafts Rajasthani Hand Mirror
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7. You can’t go wrong with colors!

Girls are colorful so are her choices. And you shouldn’t be arguing with them regarding colors, because she can come up with 25 different shades of pink, and for you pink is only one color. Hence gifting her different colors of nail polish is the wisest and easiest choice you could ever have. Here’s the pack of four from a wonderful cosmetic brand – Colorbar you could gift to her!


Here’s the link:

Colorbar Truly Madly Deeply
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8. They always want a new Handbag!

Yea, girls and shopping go together, everyone is aware about that but they can’t get enough of handbags in spite of having a few dozen of them. It’s never too many when it comes to handbags and shoes 😉 So gifting a handbag is always an option for you. Check out this gorgeous handbag which is absolutely impossible to get at this price.


Here’s the link:

Senora Hand-held Bag
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9. Something that needs no occasion!

Chocolates!! Yeah do I need to say more? It explains everything. You need no occasion to gift chocolates, and it’s a given truth that girls love chocolates. They need chocolates when they are happy ☺ they need one when they are sad as well. ☹ So if you are trying to make up things better, here’s the beautiful basket of chocolates that certainly can help you.


Here’s the link:

Skylofts Fancy Basket with 27 Chocolate Bars
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10. Something as charming as her smile:

Who said things can’t buy you happiness? Jewellery can! It certainly can! The beautiful three layered necklace to beautify her neck as well as her charming smile. You shouldn’t miss on this lovely necklace at this beautiful price.


Here’s the link:

Amour Alloy Necklace
Buy Here

So yeah.. This is it! Time for some shopping. We are sure you have found out the Best Gifts for your Girlfriend.

You definitely cannot go wrong with these ten pocket friendly gifts 😉 I bet she would love any of these or all of these gifts.

If you are on this page, you are certainly on a right track. Don’t think much, that little beautiful smile of your girlfriend deserves these things. The smile that charms up your mood in a blink of an eye. The innocence that makes you fall in love with her again and again every time. And in a society like ours, we crave for gentlemen like you who is taking some time out and trying to find a special gift for his girlfriend.

I will come again with some unique ideas to help you out all pretty people out there. Till then keep gifting, stay connected, stay happy.

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