100000 Member Giveaway

100000 members in CashNGifts

Hello Members, now its time for 100000 Member Giveaway. We are very close to having 1 lakh members on board.

In 2 or 3 days, we will have more then 100,000+ members.

Now the thing is start referring your friends now, the person who becomes the 1,00,000th member of CashNGifts gets 1000 points bonus after he/she redeems his/her first reward and the person who refers the 1,00,000th member gets 2000 points as referral gift.

But remember the referral must not have same device or IP as you(the referee)  and the referral must not use the same WiFi connection as you.

100000 Member Giveaway

Along we that we at CashNGifts would like to thank our members for your continued support and trusting us. Also our partners, Advertisers and our promoters. Next few months would be huge for us, as we will be launching new features which would surprise you guys for sure and increase your chances of earning in a fun way! 😉

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